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Proclaim Confidence Monitor Screen Shot

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Show everything your leaders need to know

Start with confidence monitor templates for announcements, songs, sermon slides, and more. Or create your own custom templates to show the snippets that help your pastor and musicians most—including chords with lyrics.

Song Lyrics in Proclaim

A display with plenty to play with

One size doesn’t fit all with confidence monitor displays. Your pastor may need a big, bold font to keep from squinting, but that distracts your worship leader.

No problem! Customize fonts, colors, and more so the confidence monitor can help those on stage avoid fumbles and feel more confident.


“Your fly is open.”

Did the pastor forget to turn the microphone on again? Send a message to the confidence monitor (and avoid the awkward pause and stare). Your pastor can pick up with preaching faster, and the worshipful spirit won’t be disrupted.

Type your own custom message, or click to send messages like “Switch microphones” and “Speak louder.”