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- Oops

- Back on track

Proclaim screen shot with John 3:16 qouote on screen

Keep distraction out

It takes superpowers to avoid making errors on presentation slides—or for an audience to ignore them when they happen. Same goes for showing the wrong slide . . .

Get back on track with a click or keyboard command—before anyone even has a chance to notice.

Instantly jump to Quick Screens like these:

  • Your church logo (F11 or ⌘ + L)
  • Last shown (F12 or ⌘ + R )
  • Blank (F10 or ⌘ + B)

Proclaim screen shot showing quick screens menu

Let focus in

When your pastor makes an extra push on a pivotal point, employ your secret weapon—a blank slide Quick Screen. Suddenly, there’s nowhere else to look but at the Word and its preacher.

When the pastor mentions a verse that wasn’t in the sermon outline (or your presentation), show it in context with the On-Screen Bible Quick Screen.


Say amen

When you’re hearing “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!” encourage that engagement with a Quick Screen that says just that.

You can make your own custom Quick Screens, too, so any message you need is a millisecond away.