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Virtual Screens

Easy Live Stream & Multi-Screen Setup

With virtual screens, you can show unique content on different screens—including your live stream feed!

Proclaim screen shot of virtual screens

Live Stream + In-Person

Different Screens,
Different Messages

Your in-person congregation needs to see the worship lyrics, but the folks at home want to be able to see the worship band. With virtual screens, you can do both. You can even add lower thirds to the live stream so they can see the worship lyrics and the band at the same time.

Proclaim screen shot of virtual screen image group

Multiple Screens

More Screens,
More Possibilities

Thanks to multiple outputs and NDI support, you can put the sermon series title on the main screen, the sermon slides on the TV by the pastor, worship lyrics on the confidence monitors, and lower thirds on your live stream feed. More flexibility means everyone sees what they need.

Proclaim screen shot using multiple screens

Ratios & Inputs

Multiple Ratios,
Multiplied Impact

Choose from 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 screen ratios to ensure each screen is optimized to perfection. For example, use a 4x3 slide size for your main projector and 16:9 slides for an additional TV you bring on stage.

Proclaim screen shot of confidece monitor


Preview Screens,
Prevent Mistakes

Stop embarrassing blunders in their traks tracks with a quick preview. Check for errors on any screen—including confidence monitor.