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Work fast

Create your services quicker each week with automatic formatting, streamlined service layouts, and reusable slides.

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Work simply

Don't double-up on work. Import items from PowerPoint, Planning Center, and, and more with a just few clicks.

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Work smart

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“I'm able to train new staff by just allowing them to sit in service next to me ONCE. Nothing super complicated or difficult to understand.”
Trevis Bailey, tech lead
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Unlimited cloud storage

Collaborate online with unlimited team accounts (Mac and Windows)

Present in multiple rooms concurrently (campus license)

Integration with PowerPoint, Keynote, Planning Center, SongSelect by CCLI, Logos

Access to over 6,000 church graphics

Choose from 23 Bible versions

Sermon recording and podcasting

Proclaim Remote iOS and Android

Work smart Work smart

Free training articles, videos, community support, and more.

“...simple software that our volunteers love. We have multiple people working on services every week, and being able to work from separate computers for one project is a game-changer. Great product!”
William Winterton, Worship Pastor at St Andrews Presbyterian

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