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Introducing Proclaim 3.0

Worship Together, Even When You're Apart

New features in Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 help you be present as you lead services and help keep your congregation engaged, whether they’re on-site or online.

Proclaim is showing beautiful media designed specifically for churches.
Proclaim is showing more beautiful media designed specifically for churches.

What's new in Faithlife Proclaim

Proclaim screen shot of virtual screens

Easy Live Stream &
Multi-Screen Setup

With virtual screens, you can show unique content on different screens—including your live stream feed! Put the sermon series title on the main screen, the sermon slides on the TV by the pastor, worship lyrics on the confidence monitors, and lower-thirds media on your live stream feed. More flexibility means everyone sees what they need. This popular feature is better than ever!

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Sermon being live streamed on a television

Live, from your living room, it’s time for church

Easily live stream from Proclaim—and invite participation from viewers at home. For starters, it's a cinch to overlay text on top of your stream while you show full slides in the sanctuary.

If you’re new to streaming, check out live streaming straight from Proclaim so your congregation can worship with you anywhere. (Hint: Faithlife Live Stream might be perfect for you.)

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Proclaim screen shot using multiple screens

Draw their attention with on-screen annotation

Keep your congregation’s attention with on-screen annotation. You can mark up Bible passages and quotes on your in-person and live streamed slides in real time—all using the Proclaim remote app.

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Proclaim screen shot of confidece monitor

Get your team on the same page—so you can sing the same song

Eliminate distractions in your services by putting your notes on the confidence monitor. And with Proclaim’s newest update, you can edit what goes on the confidence monitor—so your team can see whatever’s most helpful.

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Proclaim screen shot of multiple song arrangements

Play favorites with multiple song arrangements

Have a handful of beloved arrangements of “Come Thou Fount”? Save each arrangement separately in Faithlife Music without overwriting the original so you can easily find and reuse any arrangement, anytime.

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